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Transportation Credit Data UPDATED EVERY SATURDAY

Debtor411 provides online credit reports designed to help transportation factoring companies streamline underwriting, enhance credit management, boost portfolio performance, reduce risks, and respond better to credit requests from clients.

Contributing your company's accounts receivable trade data is NOT REQUIRED to use Debtor411. You can order Debtor411 credit reports even if you do not participate in our Trade Data Exchange Program. And you can use Debtor411 regardless of whether you use Factorsoft/Cadence or any other factoring software.

Our automated system collects, compiles and analyzes billions of dollars in first-hand payment experiences directly from factoring companies. With over 80,000 records in our growing database, we add 200 to 300 new debtor records each week! About 75% are transportation brokers. See our sample Transportation Credit Report.

For as little as $1.00 per credit report, Debtor411 actually gives you multiple reports bundled into one report, along with individual credit scores and critical details from every factoring company that provides data. See our Easy 123 Pricing.

Are you ready for a breath of fresh air? You only pay for what you use! There are no term contracts. No monthly service fees. No minimum number of reports required. And you do not have to pre-pay for credit reports. Plus our entire credit database is purged and UPDATED EVERY SATURDAY with the freshest credit information.

Other services offer overpriced credit reports with basic information that can be hard to interpret. But with the enhanced online credit reports now available from Debtor411, you will be able to obtain an instant, vibrant new perspective about debtor behavior. And you can do it better and easier!

In order to provide you with the most robust credit information, we developed an exclusive new Data Collection Technology from scratch. Debtor411 even lets you see "insider" details like chargeback statistics, dilution percentages, no-buy statuses, and payment trends that other credit services simply cannot obtain because of their old "plain vanilla" industry-standard reporting and collection methods.

With our configurable debtor scoring, detailed analytics and powerful charting system, you can identify historical trends vividly, with remarkable ease and clarity. Plus our proprietary match-control technology is unlike anything you have ever seen. It enables you to isolate the most recent credit experiences and guides you in building custom reports that hone in on the debtor information you want and need.


Try Debtor411 for FREE!

Apart from the fact that we only collect accounts receivable and credit data from factoring companies, one of the greatest advantages to using Debtor411 is your ability to run FREE LIVE CREDIT UPDATES for 3 MONTHS. Think about it.

When you order a credit report, you can get a new live credit report with updated information as often as you like during the following 90 DAYS AT NO CHARGE!

  • Freshest Credit Data Available
  • Entire Database Updated Weekly
  • More Than 80,000 Debtor Records
  • Billions of Dollars in Debtor Payments
  • Quick to Use & Easy to Understand
  • Credit Reports from $1.00 Each
  • No Term Contracts
  • No Monthly Service Fees
  • No Minimum Reports Required
  • No Pre-Payment Required
  • IFA Member Discounts
  • Portfolio Monitoring - COMING SOON!
  • Google Street View Debtor Mapping
  • FREE Integrated Fraud Protection
  • FREE Report Updates for 3 Months
  • FREE 7 Day Trial Account

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